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Best radeo on June 21st,


gningue como it machalah on June 16th,


saneta yalla lo bary on May 19th,


saneta yalla lo bary on May 12th,


As sala mou aleikoum on May 2nd,


Iskey serigne touba on April 12th,

Mbaye Diouf

asamoalicum on April 12th,

Amadou Diop

sava on April 12th,

Amadou Diop

merci on March 25th,

Mamas Jallow

ns some avec on February 20th,

Zam Zam


Idy Niang

Grazie on October 15th,



Moi Djimo Dansokho J'aime Bien Mon Radio Tamba Vraiment Que Le Bon Dieu Nous donne Très Longue Vie Et Que Radio Tambacounda Dure Très Longtemps Et Les gens qui Travail La Bas Que Le Bon Dieu Lui Donne Très Longue Vie Bibaratile Inchaalah Mon Papa C'est

Radio ZamZam Machllah on October 1st,

Elimane Ndiaye

Gaye Dieng

Touba on July 19th,

Mokhtar Sam Mbaye Allhamdolylah

Radio zam zam merci on July 8th,

Magaye Gaye Amina

Sylla on July 1st,


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